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Avon burglar killed while stealing a car in Lakewood

AVON — A man serving time for car theft and burglary walked away from the halfway house and was shot by Lakewood police when he fired at them after allegedly stealing another car.

Robin Barber originally landed in jail last year after he admitted he burglarized at least eight vehicles at Avon’s Sunnyside Condominiums. One rolled away after it was burglarized, crashed into a parked car and landed in a ditch.

Avon police detectives quickly learned that eight vehicles had been burglarized at the Sunnyside Condominiums, the Night Star Condominiums and the Balas West Townhomes. All three complexes are located on Nottingham Road in Avon.

Avon police followed the trail to a hotel on Avon’s Beaver Creek Boulevard, where they found Barber, Kira Simpson and large amounts of stolen property and items purchased with stolen credit cards.

Barber was charged with 24 felony counts. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to community corrections in Lakewood, a halfway house for non-violent offenders.

Apparently halfway was too far and Barber reportedly walked away from the facility and managed to stay one step ahead of the law for a couple weeks.

About 9:20 p.m. April 26, Lakewood police were cruising by a motel parking lot on Wadsworth Boulevard when they spotted a car that had been reported stolen.

There was no driver in it or around it, so they watched it and waited.

Before long, Barber approached it.

When Lakewood police agencies approached him, he ran and they ran after him.

As they pursued him, Barber took some shots at the agents, police said. The agents returned fire, striking Barber. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

An unidentified female was taken into custody and was released pending further questioning.

The Jefferson County Critical Incident Response team is investigating the shooting, which Lakewood police say is standard procedure in all police shootings.

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