Brazilians’ bond set at $100,000 cash |

Brazilians’ bond set at $100,000 cash

Glennio Gomes De Andrade
Special to the Daily |

EAGLE — A pair of South American men will remain behind bars for an alleged spending spree with forged credit cards.

Jose Pinto De Oliveira Filho, 50, and Glennio Gomes De Andrade, 28, both from Brazil, will have to come up with $100,000 cash to get out of the Eagle County jail.

Vail police arrested the two earlier this month after they allegedly used multiple forged credit cards to buy electronics and other items from stores extending from the metro area to Vail. Multiple agencies along the Front Range, including Littleton, Arvada and Aurora reported that two suspects, both Brazilian natives, were using fictitious credit cards to make large purchases.

Deputy District Attorney Courtney Gilbert said Gomes and Pinto are part of a larger criminal enterprise.

“It’s part of a large picture. They appear to have significant financial means,” Gilbert said.

They’ve also hit stores in Aspen and the Front Range, Gilbert said.

Gilbert said if they get out of jail, they’ll flee the country. Gilbert asked for $100,000 cash bond for each of them.

Pinto and Gomes both protested that the bond is too high.

Eagle County Court Judge Katharine Sullivan was unmoved and granted Gilbert’s request. To get out of jail, they’ll each have to come up with $100,000 cash.

“The belief of the district attorney is that you will flee the country, and that this is an extensive criminal enterprise,” Sullivan said.

Gomez protested that this is the first time he has been in trouble and apologized.

“I will follow every order of the judge, but I think this is a very high bond,” Gomez said. “I have no intention to go back to my country. I have an address here, and I can prove that.”

Gomes insisted he has a Miami, Florida, address.

Pinto and Gomes were allegedly making their way through several local sports goods stores. Along with forged credit cards and fake identifications, they had a carload of electronics and clothes, police said. The investigation revealed the items in the vehicle were purchased with the fake cards.

Among the items recovered were 11 GoPro cameras, six Bose and Beats brand wireless headphones, several Apple TV units and numerous GPS devices.

Police also said their vehicle was rented with the fictitious cards.

Vail Resorts Risk Management discovered purchases were not valid at several local stores, and emailed pictures of the suspects to all Vail Resorts stores. Within several hours, the suspects were spotted in Avon and detained by the Avon Police Department.

Pinto and Gomes face charges of racketeering, fraud, unlawful use of a financial transaction device and theft.

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