Car thief sentenced to four years after he was caught in Chicago |

Car thief sentenced to four years after he was caught in Chicago

Devan Jones was sentenced this week to four years in prison for aggravated car theft, after he skipped his initial sentencing hearing last November.
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AVON — After a convicted Chicago car thief skipped his original sentencing hearing in Eagle County, a local district judge gave him four years to reconsider his life choices.

Devan Jones was convicted of stealing a rental car in Avon. After skipping last November’s sentencing hearing, he finally appeared before District Court Judge Paul Dunkelman, who sentenced him to four years in state prison.

His sentence might have been shorter, but there was the issue of his absence last November.

When he appeared before Judge Dunkelman this week, Jones was positively resplendent in his orange jail jumpsuit. After his return to Eagle County, he was being held without bond in the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel

It was April 30, 2015, and the Vail Valley was basking in the glow of another successful winter sports season, including the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

Jones was part of a cadre of Chicagoans who rented a $55,000 SUV from Enterprise car rentals in Avon’s Christie Lodge, according to court documents.

The credit card was fake and was owned by a Nebraska woman, who had it with her when the Chicagoans used their forged version to rent the SUV.

The drivers license they used was also fake. That same fake drivers license was used the October before to rent a vehicle from Enterprise in Atlanta.

For April’s Avon caper, five people drove into the Christie Lodge parking lot in a late model red Ford Expedition. They rented the $55,000 SUV from Enterprise and left.

The SUV was supposed to be returned May 7, 2015, but wasn’t. On May 16, Jones was arrested in Chicago during a traffic stop, while driving the stolen SUV.

He landed back in Eagle County. Last August, a jury deliberated for five hours before finding him guilty of aggravated motor vehicle theft.

Judge Dunkelman ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Jones posted bond and headed back to Chicago.

Jones was supposed to be back before Judge Dunkelman on Nov. 26 for sentencing, but wasn’t.

Chicago police again found him in The Windy City, where they arrested him and arranged his to return to Eagle County. Dunkelman ordered him straight to the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel and held without bond. Last week, Judge Dunkelman sentenced Jones to four years in state prison.

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