Crime Briefs: Showing up at a probation appointment with meth |

Crime Briefs: Showing up at a probation appointment with meth

Ryan Summerlin

A 40-year-old woman showed up to the probation department of the Garfield County courthouse Wednesday afternoon with methamphetamine that was discovered because she also had an active felony warrant, according to police.

Officers were called to the probation office due to her warrant. While being placed under arrest, she asked if she could give her purse to a friend that was downstairs.

“I asked if I could look through her purse in case her friend did not come. She stated that was fine,” an officer wrote in his report.

The officer asked if she had anything in her purse that she should not have, and she began crying, according to a police report. She told the officer she had “two eight balls in the front zippered pouch.” An eight ball is a street reference to one-eighth of an ounce.

The officer found two plastic bags containing a crystal-like substance. She said that it was meth, which officers later confirmed through substance testing. The officer noted the amount appeared to be more than for personal use.

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“She stated that she was an addict and that she had just gotten $10,000 in back payment and bought the meth with it,” according to the officer’s account.

She denied that she was selling the drugs. Rather, she claimed to be using it as payment for help, like getting a ride. “She advised that she had paid a lot of people with meth that she had purchased,” according to an affidavit.

She was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance, both drug felonies.

Rifle fight escalates to gun menacing

Rifle police responded Sunday afternoon to a fight involving three men and a gun.

At the 800 block of Whiteriver Avenue, a 33-year-old man, his face covered in blood, said a 27-year-old had come to his residence and pistol whipped him.

A witness to the fight reported seeing the 27-year-old grab the other man by the neck and try to hit him with a rock. Another witness reported seeing the 27-year-old with a handgun.

Via text, the 27-year-old had been sending threatening messages to the other man, according to the victim. Later he showed up at the man’s house and started the fight, according to the 33-year-old.

Officers later found the handgun in a vehicle and discovered it was a pellet gun.

According to a police report, the 27-year-old told the story in reverse to police: it was he that was assaulted and hit with the gun. He then said he wanted a lawyer.

He was arrested on charges of felony menacing and misdemeanor third-degree assault.


A father in Glenwood Springs found a bag of cocaine in his daughter’s boyfriend’s wallet March 14.

The wallet was initially found by another man who turned it in to police earlier that day. Officers found the 20-year-old boyfriend’s Social Security card and the girlfriend’s credit card in the wallet and tracked down a phone number for her. When they called, her father answered, and police turned the wallet over to him.

Later, the father would call police back saying he’d found a small bag of white substance in an interior pocket of the wallet. The substance tested positive for cocaine, and weighed, along with the bag, nearly one gram. The 20-year-old later came to the police department looking for his wallet and admitted that it contained cocaine, according to an affidavit.

He was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance, a drug felony.

stolen Craig vehicle RECOVERED

A woman in Rifle believed her car had been broken into and suspected the perpetrator owned a nearby vehicle, as she found some of her cards on the ground leading to the vehicle. Inside were numerous items and two dogs. A Rifle police officer found the red Chrysler minivan and its license plates were both stolen in Craig about a week earlier — though the plates did not match the vehicle identification number.

Officers let the vehicle be and waited to see if someone would return. Later, they arrested a 32-year-old woman who they found going through items in the vehicle.

She told officers she had a syringe in her pocket, which she claimed to have found and picked up for safety. The woman said she was borrowing the minivan from her aunt.

The 32-year-old woman and her boyfriend had been living out of the vehicle for a couple of days. Also inside the vehicle officers found three syringes, a bulbous glass pipe and other paraphernalia. An officer also discovered two pills of acetaminophen-hydrocodone and one pill of oxycodone hydrochloride, which are schedule II controlled substances.

Before being transported to jail, the 32-year-old was taken to Grand River Health for medical clearance, where she tried to run from police, according to a police report. An officer chased her down and detained her again, but only after deploying a Taser on her.

She was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, a drug felony, aggravated motor vehicle theft, a felony, along with misdemeanor obstructing a peace officer and petty offense possession of drug paraphernalia.

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