Death threat text scam fails to bilk local man for $15,000 |

Death threat text scam fails to bilk local man for $15,000

GYPSUM — A text message scam threatened a Gypsum man with assassination if he didn’t pay $15,000.

The man, who has not been named, showed Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies a series of text messages claiming that the sender of those messages had been hired to kill him.

Deputies made a series of controlled calls and were told that if the man did not pay $15,000, he would be assassinated, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The deputies tracked the text messages to a Google Voice account, and an unidentified person instructed detectives to send money through Western Union to a Paula Mandez in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s more common that you might think, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Other Colorado law enforcement agencies have also received several reports of these type of phone scams with threatening calls and texts,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Sheriff’s Office said you should never provide financial or personal information to anyone over the phone, and to notify law enforcement immediately if you receive this type of text or call.

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