School lockout leaves lads unrequited |

School lockout leaves lads unrequited

EDWARDS — Two teenage boys disagreed, reportedly about a girl, and when one threatened to defend his honor through fisticuffs with the other and left his school to do it, school administrators had the good sense to lock the doors.

It’s called a lockout, not a lockdown, said district officials.

lock the doors

It was around 10:45 a.m. on Thursday when an impassioned young Battle Mountain student offered to set a Red Canyon student straight, reportedly about matters of the heart, and left Battle Mountain High headed toward Red Canyon to accomplish his goal.

School officials decided the wisest course of action was to lock the doors of all of the schools in the Edwards area. People could get out, of course, but trouble could not walk in. As a precaution, law enforcement notified Berry Creek Middle School, June Creek Elementary and Red Canyon High School and requested that those schools implement lockout procedures, until the two lads were accounted for.

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Alas, they need not have bothered.

When the Battle Mountaineer got word that the administrators and friends at his school were looking for him, he turned around and went back to his own school.

School district officials said there were no weapons or anything involved, and the whole thing was over in about 20 minutes.

The lockout at the schools was lifted with an all clear just after 11 a.m. Law enforcement and school officials investigated the situation and determined that no charges would be filed, although both boys were counseled about pursuing more productive behaviors in conflict resolution.

All of the schools returned to a normal day.

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