Shooting victim pleads guilty to weapons charge |

Shooting victim pleads guilty to weapons charge

Bruce Plummer
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EAGLE — Bruce Plummer pleaded guilty to pointing a gun at a man just yards from the parking lot of the Minturn bar and restaurant where Plummer himself was shot a year ago.

Meanwhile, Jamie Quintana, who allegedly shot Plummer almost a year ago, has pleaded not guilty in that shooting. Quintana and his attorney, Jim Fahrenholtz, say he acted in self defense. Quintana’s eight-day trial begins March 28.

Plummer pleads guilty

On March 22, Plummer was speaking with a man in a Minturn bar and restaurant. Plummer, who has been living in Hawaii, told the man he had no friends around here anymore.

For some reason, Plummer pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at the man’s stomach.

Terry O’Connor, Plummer’s attorney, said the victim did not notify police. A private investigator found out about it and notified police, O’Connor said.

“(Plummer) was the victim of a shooting when this occurred. The victim was, and still is a friend of Mr. Plummer,” O’Connor said.

Prosecutor Joe Kirwan said the victim wanted the smallest possible penalty.

“The victim said Plummer was going through some tough times and that he was taking medication,” Kirwan said.

Plummer pleaded guilty to prohibited use of a weapon and menacing.

District Court Judge Russell Granger hit Plummer with a $1,000 fine and sentenced him to unsupervised probation.

Quintana pleads not guilty

The shooting between Quintana and Plummer was in the early morning hours in January. Why the two were outside the restaurant/bar at 5 a.m. is another issue that will be cleared up during the trial.

Plummer was shot once in the chest with a handgun, but the bullet missed his heart. It hit him higher in his chest, above the heart, went through and exited out his back.

Quintana has no prior criminal record, apart from traffic infractions and a misdemeanor for fighting, court records show.

Plummer has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, as well as the menacing charge to which he pleaded guilty.

During Quintana’s preliminary hearing, Plummer told police he was in a “really pissed off” mood and was looking for a fight the night of the shooting.

Granger ruled that prosecutors cannot use anything seized from Quintana’s truck or apartment, saying the search was not executed properly. Granger also ruled that Fahrenholtz and Quintana cannot use Plummer’s menacing case as part of their defense at Quintana’s trial.

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