Sleepless in a stairwell

Leonard Loomis, remains in the Eagle County jail on drug charges. He and Katie McManus were sleeping in an Avon motel stairwell, when Avon police found almost $6,000 in cash on them, along with heroin, cocaine, acid and ketamine.
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EAGLE — Leonard Loomis told the judge he just wanted to make sure the facts were correct.

That’s why, as prosecutors hit the highlights of his 35-page criminal record, he interrupted to say he has been convicted of six felonies — not just three, as prosecutors had said.

He also blurted out that the charges were (a euphemism for bovine byproduct) and that they would be dropped.

They were not, it turns out, and he remains in the Eagle County Crossbar Hotel on $50,000 bond.

Eagle County Court Judge Katharine Sullivan smiled down at him, noted the symptoms of someone detoxing and decided jail was as good a place as any for him to finish that.

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Loomis’ criminal record includes run-ins with Johnny Law in more than a dozen states and with the FBI.

Get a room

Loomis, 34, and Katie McManus, 24, both of Denver, fell into custody of the Avon police in February. Avon Comfort Inn staffers called police because the two were sleeping in one of the hotel’s stairwells.

Police woke them up and were prepared to send the pair on down the road, but a quick search turned up 20.4 grams of ketamine — a chemical cousin to PCP (angel dust) — four grams of psilocybin mushrooms, nine white strips of acid, heroin, cocaine and $5,847 cash.

Along with possession and distribution charges, Loomis is also charged with tampering with evidence. Police say he ingested some drugs while he was in the police car waiting to be transported to the jail.

Many of Loomis’ convictions are misdemeanors, not felonies, his attorney told Judge Sullivan.

On the other hand, Deputy District Attorney Courtney Gilbert said Loomis has drug charges dating back to 2001.

He also has two current arrest warrants for failure to appear.

His 35-page criminal history features arrests in more than a dozen states and the FBI.

“To minimize his criminal history is something we should not be doing,” Gilbert said.

Sullivan said he is fine right where he is, in jail, and left his bond at $50,000.

When he was arrested, Avon police ran Loomis’ name through their computer, and turned up a restraining order that says Loomis was not supposed to be anywhere near McManus, let alone sleeping in the same stairwell. He’s also supposed to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

McManus has no previous criminal record and is free on bond.

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