Town of Minturn now has a full-time officer |

Town of Minturn now has a full-time officer

Eagle County Sheriff's Deputy Phillip Cusick is now the primary patrol officer for the town of Minturn.

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MINTURN — The town now has a full-time patrol officer on the beat.

Eagle County Sheriff’s Deputy Phillip Cusick is the town’s primary patrol officer as of May 16.

“My entire patrolling shift will be within town limits,” Cusick said at a public meeting May 20.

A former member of the town of Eagle police department before transferring to the Sheriff’s Department a few years ago, Cusick says he plans to bring a little bit of what he’s done with both departments to Minturn.

“I’m trying to form it around what the people of Minturn’s needs and wants are,” he said. “ … It’s going to adjust around the needs, and what’s going on, especially with the summer and winter events like the Minturn Market, Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas. It will be ever evolving.”

Cusick joined the military when he was 18 and served in the Navy for nine years as a rescue swimmer and a deep sea diver, he told the Minturn Town Council. Before that he was born and raised in Virginia in a county of 10,000 people.

“So I kinda got a handle on the small town thing,” he said.

His wife is an Eagle County native, he told the council, and they intend to stay here.

“He hit the scene running,” Town Manager Willie Powell said of Cusick.

Cusick said among the items he discussed with members of the community was speeding in town and school bus safety. He said one of his primary initiatives is to start up a neighborhood information network via the email address Anyone with any information to share, or questions to ask, is encouraged to email that address.

“It’s just informal, open communication between anyone in Minturn and me or any other deputy,” Cusick said. “One of those things to try to develop better communication.”

You do not have to give your name when emailing in, and answers to questions will be sent out to everyone without revealing the email addresses of anyone else in the network, Cusick said.

Periodic notices like what streets you can’t park on during snow removal and when public works is out will also be sent out via the email address.

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