Two arrested in 8 automobile burglaries on Nottingham Road |

Two arrested in 8 automobile burglaries on Nottingham Road

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Kira Simpson
Special to the Daily |

AVON — Not only had a rolling vehicle crashed into a parked car, it landed in a ditch … and all that after it had been burglarized.

Last week when Avon police responded to a report of a car accident in the parking lot of the Sunnyside Condominiums, they discovered that a crashed vehicle had rolled into a parked car and came to rest in a ditch adjacent to Nottingham Road.

Officers questioned the owner and determined that the vehicle in question had been burglarized by two people.

Suspects Arrested

By noon Wednesday, Avon Police Officers determined that eight vehicles had been burglarized at the Sunnyside Condominiums, the Night Star Condominiums and the Balas West Townhomes between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. All three complexes are located on Nottingham Road in Avon.

Following an exhaustive investigation, Avon police obtained search and arrest warrants for suspects Kira Simpson and Robin Barber, staying at a hotel on Beaver Creek Boulevard. Police discovered large amounts of stolen property and items purchased with stolen credit cards in their room.

“The immediate actions and skilled investigation by our officers, aided by the assistance of a variety of community members, led to the quick arrest of the two suspects before they could commit additional crimes,” Avon Chief of Police Robert L. Ticer said. “Returning stolen property to the rightful owners who have been victimized is always a positive outcome.”

“The swift and professional action of the Avon Police Department and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office uncovered a substantial burglary ring operating in the township,” District Attorney Bruce Brown said.

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