Vail Valley man twice intoxicated during sentencing hearings on alcohol charges |

Vail Valley man twice intoxicated during sentencing hearings on alcohol charges

Brian Typrowicz twice showed up intoxicated for hearings to be sentenced on alcohol charges. He'll spend a year in the Eagle Couty jail.
Eagle County Sheriff’s Office |

EAGLE — A Florida man living in the Vail Valley twice showed up intoxicated and smelling like alcohol for his sentencing on an alcohol charge.

Brian Typrowicz, 30, was given a year in the Eagle County jail to reconsider his life choices.

He had been in jail a week after showing up in Judge Paul Dunkelman’s court smelling like alcohol so strongly that Deputy District Attorney Kathleen Noone said she smelled alcohol. Judge Dunkelman sent Typrowicz to jail to have his blood alcohol content measured.

The results of that measurement were distributed to the attorneys and the judge, but not made public.

Seven days later, at last week’s sentencing hearing, Typrowicz insisted he wanted to go home to Florida to be with his family and ailing grandmother. Florida was not to be his Panhandle Panacea, and Typrowicz will work through Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs, while serving two consecutive six-month sentences in the Eagle County jail.

This all started in 2017 when Typrowicz pleaded guilty to violating his probation by drinking alcohol. Dunkelman pointed out that Typrowicz had also shown up drunk to his courtroom for sentencing on that charge, as well.

Typrowicz suffered another self-inflicted wound when, on Aug. 29, 2017, Avon police showed up at his Timber Ridge door at 11 a.m. when the neighbors complained about noise coming from his apartment. The cops observed that he was again under the influence.

“If you’re intoxicated at 11 in the morning on a random weekday … there’s a huge addiction issue,” Noone said.

Chief Public Defender Thea Reiff said her client is not happy with this community and the people he associates with.

“He wants to be removed from that,” Reiff said.

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