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Attention animal lovers

The Humane Society’s Eagle Valley Dog Rodeo is 1-4 p.m., Aug. 25, at the Eagle County Animal Shelter, just past the fairgrounds and ball parks in Eagle. There are competitions in agility, tennis ball, frisbee, and they want to see the dog with the most unusual trick. Call Char at 328-PETS, or 280-5738.

It’s a woman thing

The Vail Valley Business Women are hosting a Habitat for Humanity workday, Aug. 24, at the building site in Leadville. Anyone can attend even with the most tenuous connection, like you’ve always wanted to ask that woman out, and you’d feel more secure about it if she was holding a power tool. The only skill you need is to know how to sweat. Call Jennifer 949-1015.

Bargains, bargains, bargains

To get some idea of how much stuff is available at the Eagle Valley Community Fund and Rummage Sale, imagine the late astronomer Carl Sagan wandering around Minturn’s Maloit Park and exclaiming “Billions and Billions!!!”

And everything, and that means everything, is half price off the already amazing low prices – or “Let’s Make a Deal.”

It’s Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Fill a garbage bag of clothing from the 50 cent room for only $1. The same goes for shopping bags full of books.

You can still find plenty of skis, boots, sporting goods, linens, toys, furniture, appliances and much more.

For more info, call 476-5822, 476-5701 or (on the says of the sale) 827-9426.

Belated birthday boy

Happy birthday to Nicholas “The Littlest Harley Guy.” We’re not sure if he’s 3 or 4, but we know he’s old enough to ask, “Can I please have a motorcycle,” and know how cool that is.

Gypsum Christian Academy is hosting a signup. The Gypsum Christian Academy is launching this year, and you can be part of it. It’s for preschool and pre-kindergarten, and the open house is 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. Call 524-7114.

Stuff we got right

Ann Marie Cooper called to say they got dozens of phone calls after Juneau’s picture appeared in this very space last week, each saying they’d seen the renegade pup. One of them was a winner, and Juneau was home the next day. Thanks for helping.

“Gar’ is coming home

Friends and family of Garfield “Gar” Brown, who suffered a motorcycle accident, is coming home this weekend. He’s been in intensive care at Yampa Valley Hospital up in Steamboat Springs. Although he’s expected to fully recover, Gar’s looking at a lengthy period of recuperation because of multiple injuries. If anything, he’s sure to miss a bunch of work, too.

Anybody wanting to help Gar can make contributions to The Gar Brown Benefit Fund, WestStar Bank, P.O. Box 3219, Avon, CO, 81620. You can drop off a contribution at any WestStar Bank.

Stuff they say we got semi-wrong

Mark Gordon took us to task over one of those broadcast e-mails that sometimes find their way into this esteemed space. This one was about Bill “Bubba The Love Sponge” Clinton taking money from Enron.

Says Mark:

“I’m sorry to bust your bubble, but Ken Lay never stayed in the Clinton White House. You need to check your sources. This story was retracted by all major news organizations. Ken Lay did stay in Papa Bush’s White House numerous times.

As far as political donations go, Enron gave overwhelmingly to the Repubs. Enron had much higher access to the Bush administration. In fact, many of Bush’s staff are former Enron employees. The most egregious that comes to mind is Secretary of the Army White. He ran one of the most dishonest Enron divisions. So he is either a crook or incompetent. Needless to say he should resign his important post. There is a wonderful non-partisan Web site called It lists major contributors to all politicians and parties. Well worth the time to check out.

In the future please check your facts before printing the accusations. I know you aren’t a “hard news” reporter, but you are still published and you have a responsibility to provide accurate information. There are many people that rely on you to help them make up their minds. Please don’t take your job too lightly.”

All we can say is that, in most major polls, more people get their political information from comedians on late night talk shows than major media outlets. If you count Phil Donahue and Bill O’Reilly among those comedians, the polls are probably correct.

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