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Criteria for president

England once had its Camelot, an age of principle; America once had a Constitution, principles for a democracy. Do you realize that the dialogue that is taking place on the web and commentaries in the press is an echo from the Constitutional age (the First Amendment). Enjoy this interaction while you have some semblance of it, for there are social forces that are inimical and prevail in our government.

To be elementary about whom on the slate is most qualified to not only recognize, but preserve mankind’s inalienable rights, consider the following:

(a) Whose record in the Senate is mostly bipartisan, and issue related, rather than “party” adherence? Who has crossed the aisle on more than one occasion?

(b) Who has eschewed earmarks and “pork barrel” legislation during his tenure in the Senate?

(c) Who has experienced the bitter taste of war, and therefore might be a more provident choice to become Commander in Chief?

(d) Who has the most experience in “rattling sabers” in the Senate, e.g., initiating or sponsoring legislation?

(e) Who disdains governmental spending and excessive taxation? The power to tax is the power to destroy!

(f) Of the two main tickets, which one has gender representation and executive experience?

(g) Which candidate first considers the taxpayer when he elaborates on grandiose promises for social legislation, such as health care?

(h) Who has as his friends and compatriots the likes of soldiers, patriots, and taxpayers in general?

(i) Who is the oldest? Wisdom is the product of age, and byproduct of experience!

If these questions are perplexing, and the choice is still unclear, then consider:

(1) Whose tenure in the Senate and experience in foreign relations is the shortest?

(2) Who has the “brave new world” education from the ivy forums of Harvard, Yale (Bush), and the Wright religious organizations?

(3) Who is friend to celebrities, terrorists and their radical organizations?

(4) Who has only most recently become proud of “his” country?

(5) Who promises gratuities for votes, and forgets the debt burden on future generations?

(6) Who speaks more of public entitlements and less of individual rights?

(7) Who is loquacious, young, hungry and lean, and therefore deserves your unwitting and uninformed vote?

How you choose and vote,may very well presage the end of this type of free and fair comment. My choice is right! Now I await the personal aspersions from stage left!

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