Critic of Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey seating |

Critic of Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey seating

Ian Greene
Avon, CO, Colorado

I would like to comment on the Birds of Prey World Cup race, which I attended Saturday for the first time as a new resident to Colorado. I am writing strictly for the sport of World Cup skiing and its future viability in the United States.

I think it’s ridiculous that the spectator viewing is confined to nearly 300 feet behind the finish line. It very much limits the spectator excitement, which is pretty much the crux of successful sports in the United States.

Keeping fans happy and energized when watching sports of their choice is crucial. This decision, which I’m sure has some kind of financial and legal reasoning, is detrimental to the sport. How do the crazed, passionate Europeans treat their World Cup events? Not like this. They have fanatical flag wielding, bell-ringing fans behind the catch fences cheering on their countrymen.

Look at the fans at the Tour de France. Do you think the nearly monthlong event would be as popular if spectators were confined to the finish line?

An environment that lets fans feel as though they are part of the event should always be first and foremost when hosting a sporting event. We could learn a lot from our European counterparts. Sports originated from passion and excitement. Let’s please keep it that way.

Ian Greene


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