Crumbling country |

Crumbling country

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

A bridge collapses during rush hour, but lost in this tragedy may be the warning signs that our country is crumbling.

That frightening fact was reinforced when a bad rainstorm crippled New York City’s transportation system, all but shutting down one of the nation’s most critical business and cultural centers.

For a few years now concerns about our infrastructure ” our roads, powerlines, sewer and transit systems ” have been haunting the periphery of political debate. And while the nation has spent countless billions at war, while candidates from both parties have squabbled about gay marriage and the mental state of a single Florida woman, these facilities have eroded.

In Minneapolis, people paid for this neglect with their lives.

When everyone is back from summer vacation, the president and Congress should get together and figure out a plan to make repairing the nation’s infrastructure a spending priority ” in other words, no more bridges to nowhere for either party and no more budget busting troop surges.

A sturdy infrastucture cuts across all issues ” national security, energy, civil rights, communications, and public health and safety, to name just the most critical.

Americans like shiny new things while tedious repairs of freeway interchange only make traffic, not headlines. But we will have to be more interested in upgrades ” and willing to be stuck in a few traffic jams ” if we want to keep our country from collapsing underneath us (or on top of our heads).

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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