CU freshman applications down from last year |

CU freshman applications down from last year

BOULDER, Colorado ” Freshman applications to the University of Colorado through mid-February are down almost 15 percent from the same point last year, which represented a record-high admissions cycle.

The number of Colorado students applying to CU’s flagship Boulder campus through mid-February was down about 6 percent from the same time last year to 7,709. Out-of-state applications were down 19 percent, to 11,456 applications.

Admissions Director Kevin MacLennan said the decline is to be expected amid an economic downturn and the addition of two mandatory essays to the application, which might be weeding out some less-serious applicants.

MacLennan said some potential freshmen are exploring whether they could live at home and commute to the campus to save money. Admissions counselors are also fielding questions about financial aid, scholarships and work-study jobs, he said.

The CU system expects nearly $14 million in budget cuts this year and next from the state.

Out-of-state undergraduate students, who typically pay higher tuition, bring in more revenue to CU. Every 100 out-of-state undergraduates brings in revenue of $2.6 million, according to the university, compared with $641,000 for every 100 Colorado undergraduates.

“Until we arrive at a different funding model for revenue, nonresident tuition looms pretty significantly,” said CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard. “It’s a challenge in these economic times to arrive at the right mixture of residents and nonresidents in each class.”

Admissions counselors expect one of every four out-of-state students that CU accepts to enroll. The yield rate for in-state applicants is about 50 percent.

The admissions office is still accepting applications.

Last year, a record 5,833 freshmen enrolled on the Boulder campus.

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