CU needs a house-cleaning

Don Rogers

Reaction to the leaked grand jury report on the University of Colorado Boulder’s football scandal? Run them. Run them all. The athletic director is gone. Good. Send the coach after him. Then the university president. Then vote out these ridiculous regents.All of these people clearly are bound to continue down their same sorry path, not change course. For an institution of higher education, these folks sure haven’t learned much in their high seas of scandal.Flying highSteve Fossett, part-time Beaver Creek resident with many friends here, again finds himself in the spotlight with another flight record. This time it’s for his three-day flight from Salina, Kan., to Salina, Kan., non stop. Around the world.USA Today devoted a full page to the flight earlier this week. The Wall Street Journal applauded his pluck in an editorial. He told National Public Radio that the crowd does not compel him at all. It’s all in the challenge.ProgressThe design for Vail’s planned conference center has evolved from the Flintstones to the Jetsons. Gone is the full mushroom top, the upside-down ice cream cone. The swirls are more subtle now, though they might have a little farther to go to get fully past cartooney. There’s hope yet.Tough stuff Mark these words: The rape case against a Battle Mountain student is a bigger deal than Kobe Bryant. Bryant was a national spectacle. This hits home in a whole different way. High school. … Vail, Colorado

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