CU singers’ stabbing question quashed |

CU singers’ stabbing question quashed

BOULDER ” A singing group at the University of Colorado revised its audition questionnaire after acknowledging that a question making light of a campus stabbing was “a big mistake.”

The Buffoons, an all-male a cappella group, removed at least two questions after an auditioning student complained.

A multiple-choice question asked how the applicant felt about a knife attack on a student this week and offered three answers: “Confused,” “Dazed and confused” and “Mad someone got that guy before you did.”

Another question asked about the location of a part of women’s anatomy and added, “feel free to draw a diagram.”

“We are a group with maybe a little more extreme sense of humor,” said Colin Birkhead, a CU senior and business manager for the Buffoons. “We weren’t meaning to offend anyone. It was a big mistake.”

University spokesman Bronson Hilliard said called the questionnaire insensitive.

He said the 45-year-old group has a good reputation.

“Why would they want to sully that with something so stupid at a time when the campus is trying to recover from trauma?” Hilliard said.

Michael Knorps, 17-year-old freshman from Winnetka, Ill., was slashed across the neck outside the student center on Monday. He underwent surgery for damaged tissue and was recovering at his sister’s Boulder home.

Kenton Drew Astin, a former mental patient, was arrested in the attack after stabbing himself in the chest. He was hospitalized in good condition and was under 24-hour guard.


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