Cue the Black Sabbath |

Cue the Black Sabbath

Happy birthday, Amy. Hope you have a great birthday. Love, the girls.

Good morning, and welcome to Town Talk Towers, the worlds only daily column that likes the idea of heavy metal more than actually listening to the stuff.The movie Iron Man is a mega-super hit in theaters, the latest big, exploding blockbuster to capture the nations fancy and a chunk of its discretionary cash. But its all just a celluloid fantasy, right?Not so fast, microprocessor breath.

A story by The Associated Press recently reported that Sarcos Inc. of Salt Lake City is working on and testing a robotic suit for the military that could give soldiers superhuman strength. Specifically, the suit could increase a persons strength and stamina as much as 20 times. Thats a lot.Now, theres a lot of work to do on the 150-pound suits, which may end up being used for people working on loading docks or heavy-equipment repair shops. The main problem, at the moment, is battery life, so users have to be plugged into an electric outlet to use the suits.Still, we can see not just civilian but household uses for a super-strength suit.Imagine the snow you could shovel. Hauling drywall for a basement remodeling job? All you need is enough extension cord to get from the sport utility vehicle to your man-cave-to-be.Companies could rent super suits in addition to roto-tillers. Have you ever tried to run a tiller or, maybe worse, an aerator on a rock-hard patch of pinyon-sage yard? A super suit would be money well spent.Mothers of twins work really, really hard, especially when theres a pair of toddlers running them ragged. Super-suit wearers might want to take off the claw-like metal hands before changing juniors diapers, though.The only downsides we can see to the idea of a nation of super-suit wearers would be a sudden shortage of extension cords and maybe the worrisome prospect that a super-suit wearer in a Prius might create the next step in cyborg technology: A Transformer.

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