Curbside recycling coming to Eagle? |

Curbside recycling coming to Eagle?

Kathy Heicher
Eagle Correspondent

EAGLE ” Recyclers, rejoice.

The town of Eagle is asking for private companies to submit proposals that include curbside recycling.

At a town board meeting last week, the town staff indicated that residents would like have to pay a fee to have curbside recycling. According to the town’s research, that could bump monthly service fees for a single family home from $18 to $30.

Town Board members voiced concern that it would be difficult to sell the public on that much of a rate hike.

Board members also suggested that incentives be built into the program to reward households with less trash and to offer options such as semi-monthly or monthly pick up.

Curbside recycling was identified as a priority for Eagle residents in a recent community survey. Also, the county is installing new recycling stations at the landfill, and has been increasing landfill fees to encourage more recycling.

Currently, there are two private trash collection businesses in the valley: Waste Management and Vail Honeywagon.

The county has offered the communities of Eagle and Gypsum a $150,000 contribution to go toward a trash truck outfitted for recycling purposes.

Currently, Eagle has two employees involved with trash pickup. They would be reassigned to other departments in public works.

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