Cure’s worse than the ‘disease’ |

Cure’s worse than the ‘disease’

Don Rogers

Such a fuss over 3-4 percent of America’s population.The nativist solution for those 11-12 million illegal immigrants dwarfs the problem.The costs of Iraq and Katrina would be more than matched by building the Great Wall Across Mexico, stepping up enforcement to Gestapo levels, and making goods and services far more expensive for the labor shortage that surely would follow an exodus of labor. Never mind the ironic symbolism of the Berlin wall coming down and the American wall going up. True, the immigrant protesters waving Mexican flags and hollering in Spanish don’t exactly endear the natives to their plight. Doh! That just feeds the myths about how the Latin tide of immigrants has failed to assimilate at the same rate as previous tides. It’s not true. The Spanish speaking immigrants have followed the same pattern as the Irish, European, Asian surges with each generation becoming more “American.”But there are so many now braving the journey for the economic promise on this side of the border.America does need the workers for slaughter houses, house cleaning, crop harvesting and so on that will not get done with the native population.And there are strains on the welfare, health and education systems. But it should be noted that in the Vail Valley, the nice white children score on par with the best districts in the state on assessment tests, and have a chance to learn Spanish. Vail, Colorado

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