Curfew coming for minors in Gypsum |

Curfew coming for minors in Gypsum

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Gyspum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado – Gypsum Town Council is expected to approve a curfew for minors at the next council meeting, Tuesday.

If the ordinance is approved, minors in Gypsum will have a curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. seven days a week.

Children will be allowed to break curfew if:

• The minor is accompanied by a parent or is legally emancipated or married.

• Engaged in an activity necessary for their lawful employment.

• Traveling directly to or from their home for employment purposes.

• Traveling to or from a school activity

• Engaging in activity necessary to assist an emergency.

• Traveling for a religious activity.

• Traveling through the town to go interstate or intrastate with the permission of a guardian

• If the minor is prevented from complying with the curfew for a reason beyond their control.

“Officers are going to use their discretion,” said the council member.

The maximum penalty for breaking curfew would be set at no more then $1,000 per offense and no more then one year in jail. However Bob Cole, the town attorney, said the likely penalty would be a $300 fine.

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