Curvy Vail street may need work |

Curvy Vail street may need work

NWS Vail Streets SM 6-1-07

VAIL ” East Meadow Drive has been thrown a curve.

The bricks of the Vail Village street have developed a distinctive “S” shape since they were installed last year. The road is the route for the Vail’s in-town buses, and the street curves in the direction the buses travel on the two-way road.

“The wear and tear certainly appears to be some of the factor,” said Scott Bluhm, streetscape coordinator for the town of Vail.

Some don’t mind ” and even prefer ” the curve.

“I think it looks pretty cool,” said Robert Aikens, whose business, Verbatim Booksellers, faces the street. “I think it looks much better.”

But town officials say they might have to redo the bricks for reasons besides aesthetics. That decision will depend on whether the bricks will remain stable and if there’s potential damage to the snowmelt system underneath, Bluhm said

The town will try to answer those questions this summer, Bluhm said. For now, the road is safe, Bluhm said.

“I think it’s too early to jump to conclusions that we’re going to go in and remove this,” Bluhm said.

The bricks appear to have stopped shifting after moving several inches in some places, Bluhm said. The re-paving work could be done this fall, Bluhm said, and might take around three to four weeks.

It’s not clear yet whether the town or a contractor would have to pay for the redo, Bluhm said.

Rayla Kundolf, manager of Masters Gallery on East Meadow Drive, said the work should be done as soon as possible, if it is necessary.

“I think they can get it done in a really timely manner,” she said.

Kundolf said she wants to get all of the construction around her gallery finished. But she understands that mistakes can happen, especially when it comes to construction projects.

“I guess because I’ve remodeled homes before, I know these things happen,” she said.

Aikens said the work should be done only if it’s hurting the snowmelt system. He’s already endured five years of large-scale construction, he said.

“It’s killing us,” he said. “All of this construction is killing retail.”

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