Cycle rules silly, dangerous |

Cycle rules silly, dangerous

Rick Silverman
Vail, CO, Colorado

The new laws recently enacted for cyclists are so ridiculous, one would think the Eagle County commissioners came up with them.

These new laws will do nothing to increase safety for bikers, and will decrease safety for the rest of us.

It’s pretty simple math. A car going east bound has to move 3 feet to the left to be in compliance of the new law.

However, a car going westbound must do the same, should it also encounter a flock of cyclists.

Both cars are not only allowed, they must cross the center line to allow for three feet of space.

Hello head-on collision.

Cyclists may now ride two abreast, as if they didn’t before, as long as they don’t impede traffic. How will they know?

I can’t throw things at riders. Does anyone really do that?

We need a law to tell people not to? Gimme a break.

In closing, let me say I have nothing against bikes nor the people who ride them. I want things to be safe.

I also want the bikers to abide by the laws too. No more blowing through the round-a-bouts as if you own them. No more running stop signs. How about the speed limit on Metcalf Road?

All one has to do is look at the picture in The Daily that accompanied the story.

Every rider but one is to the left of white shoulder line. Pretty sure that’s illegal, not to mention unsafe!

Here’s a tip: Use the bike paths that Eagle County has spent millions to build. For you!

Rick Silverman


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