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Cynthia Kruse RE/MAX Vail Valley, Inc.

Miss Tillie has become somewhat of a local celebrity, recognized as she tools around the valley accompanied by her trainer and team partner, Cynthia Kruse. While taking her newly earned notoriety in stride, Miss Tillie does have some of the expectations that come with celebrity like an anticipated pat on the head. The Australian Shepherd, Miss Tillie, is an award winning agility competitor whose rise to fame was somewhat meteoric, going from novice to expert within a year. But her accomplishments are a result of intelligence, a natural desire to excel, and lots of hard work. In these matters of ability, she exhibits much in common with her owner, Ms. Kruse.Cynthia Kruse approached this new hobby in much the same way she does most things in her life with vivacious determination and a plan. I saw an ad in a magazine about a dog agility competition and thought it sounded interesting and something I might like. I wanted an activity that was a teambuilding experience, which agility competition is; you work as a team with your dog. Its been so interesting and fun. Its very unusual how quickly she has excelled, said Kruse, Realtor for RE/MAX Vail Valley, Inc. Teambuilding and excelling is very much in keeping with how Kruse has directed her own successful business career.A native of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Kruse is an overachiever by nature. A pianist at age five, a member of the National Honor Society, a National Merit Scholar, salutatorian for her graduating class, and the winner of the Detroit News spelling bee are but a few of the acknowledged awards of this Mensa member.After receiving a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of Michigan, Kruse began a well-planned rise on her career path. I had just fallen in love with computers and it was at the beginning of the high tech boom. I was in the right place at the right time.Despite an interest in computers, there was an affinity for real estate as well. I bought my first house in 1974, a month after college, and it later was declared an historical land mark. When I sold it, I tripled my money. Ive had a confidence in real estate ever since. Years later that commitment to real estate would prove a wise one.In 1976 she married a hot dog skier and a plan to begin a life in Colorado was set in motion. It wasnt difficult to convince me, she chuckled. I joined Storage Technology in Detroit as a systems engineer and they soon created an opening for me in Denver, so we moved to Boulder. In Boulder, I bought my first Colorado home, ironically from a RE/MAX broker, and that began an accumulation of a number of rental properties, which I still retain. The love of real estate has always been there.As her career evolved, Kruse found herself wanting more control over the destiny of her customers. She moved from an engineering sales support position to one on the front lines in sales where she excelled with Storage Technology through their bankruptcy in the late 80s.In 1992, Kruse, now single, transferred briefly to Phoenix to open a new territory for the restructured company. Her father had just passed away, and Kruse had brought her mother with her to Arizona. The weather was too hot for Kruse, though. She never lived in the new house she had built. The great part, however, was that my mother had fallen in love with a neighbor and THEY moved into the new house. It was a wonderful new start for her and they are happy there to this day.Kruse moved back to Boulder, but continued to work in the high-tech field for the next few years ago. She wanted to own a business, though, and in 1994 she purchased Bungalow Wine & Spirits in Louisville just outside of Boulder. She transformed the dumpy little booze store into a gourmet wine shop. When she sold the business she took six months off and went on wine tours in France.When she returned, she went back into the high-tech world, working for AT&T. The company united with Lucent Technology & Bell Labs, making her one of two sales executives covering the entire nation to help develop the market. Traveling all the time got old. I needed a break place, somewhere to play. And that was how I got to Vail. Men have midlife crisis and buy sports cars; I bought a condo in Vail at Brooktree, sight-unseen from Bill Wilto, a business friend of several years and owner/partner of RE/MAX, she said.Not wanting to stay in high tech forever, the goal was to retire and sell real estate. She earned a Realtors license in 1999 and took a year off before starting another venture. In 2000, Bill Wilto called her and asked what she was going to do with my real estate license. Kruse began working as a broker with RE/MAX Vail Valley in 2001.Nowadays, Kruse is a director on the Vail Board of Realtors, a participant on the Political Survival Fund for the real estate industr, a patron of the arts with a particular adoration for opera, a cross country skier, snowshoer, hiker, and has climbed half of the 14ers in the state. She also travels the state with Miss Tillie participating in agility races. It seems perfectly suited for them both. Agility mazes have numerous obstacles and problem-solving challenges presented throughout the course. They require foresight and planning, split-second decisions, determination and teamwork, all in an extremely competitive atmosphere. Plus, its fun. In short, very similar to the challenges offered up by the Vail Valley real estate market. And Cynthia Kruse has always excelled.

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