Cyrille Aime performs in Beaver Creek |

Cyrille Aime performs in Beaver Creek

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Special to the DailyCyrille Aimee recently won first place in the Sarah Vaughan international jazz competition.

Cyrille Aime is having no trouble keeping busy. Hot off of a gig at the landmark Birdland Jazz Theater in New York, and having recently won first place in the Sarah Vaughan international jazz competition, Aimee took a few minutes to talk to the Vail Daily on Tuesday while she was getting fitted for a snowboard rental in Beaver Creek. 1. Vail Daily: You have a fascinating background. How dooes your French/Dominican background, as well as the many places you’ve lived through your childhood, influence your music?Cyrille Aime: I have a lot of influences! On my mother’s side, certainly the Latin groove and the French gypsy roots are there as well. Everything is an influence for me, though – not just the places I’ve lived but the people around me, and the musicians I’ve been exposed to. 2. VD: You have an impressive list of awards and accolades. What was your proudest moment in your career to date?CA: Last week. I performed for a week at the Birdland with my new band – the same band that will perform with me at the Vilar Center. This is my favorite band of all time; I’ve found exactly what I want to be doing musically, at least for right now. I am having so much fun with this band. 3. VD: What made you choose jazz over other genres?CA: I grew up with gypsies, and what I love so much about jazz and about gypsies is the freedom – that improv factor where you never know what might happen next. You feel naked on stage in a way; the improv factor is definitely what I love most. 4. VD: What can we expect to see from you in the next year? The next 10 years?CA: Well, I’m getting ready to release a new album with my new band. It’s different from what I had been doing previously, but it’s really going back to my roots. This is the most “me” I’ve ever been. 5. VD: What made you choose the name “Guitar Heroes” for your band? Is there a connection with the popular “Guitar Hero” game?CA: Our bass player invented it. It was a joke about the video game, mainly because this band has three guitars, and that is a lot of guitars. We thought it was funny and the name really represents how much fun we all have together. 6. VD: Who has been your greatest musical influence? CA: Gosh, there are so, so many. The first two would probably be Django Reinhard and Ella Fitzgerald, but there are so many that I can’t even begin.7. VD: What moment in your performance should Vilar Center audience members most look forward to?CA: I don’t want to tell the audience what to prefer. I would just say to look for whatever it is that you feel in the moment. I think they will enjoy it.

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