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D.R.: Accidental hiatus

Don Rogers

Oops, I’ve let this feature slip. Just got so busy. That’s my excuse, admittedly not a good one. I just lost the habit while attending to that million other things that rise up.

Too bad. This is more fun than most of the tasks, and a great place to think aloud. My fingers have more brain power than my brain, and so sketching with words, musing through the keyboard is almost as creative as the shower, except here I have a record. Those shower brainstorms dry off with the toweling, before I can get to a keyboard.

One question with little newspaper blogs is whether anyone reads them. Not that I care about that, but my more responsible colleagues do. They have some notion that our great work is meant to be consumed by a public out there. Frankly, I don’t care whether you read this or not.

Maybe it’s that there’s so much else on the Web site and printed paper just for you. Over nine of every 10 people in our little valley reads the Vail Daily in print, according ot our various surveys. The Web site keeps growing more popular, partly from more and more people still discovering the wonders of the Web.

So if in this corner, my text equivalent of pencil sketches and doodles go overlooked, wel, that’s fine. You’ve got the rest of the site and the paper to indulge. This is my corner to muse and fuss.

Besides, we’ve noticed that Web viewers tend to gravitate toward hot-button issues. Write about, say illegal immigration, and there’s a whole audience of wolves poised to leap. We know from the hits, the e-mails after one of us writes something on the subject and on the comment feature following our stories. (We had to turn it off temporarily after a spammer clogged the comments with porn material. Thanks, bud.)

Other hot buttons: liberal vs. conservative name calling; sex, any reference to sex; the secular folks vs. the rightwing holy rollers. Iraq, George W. Bush, global warming, evolution vs. intelligent design. All that tends to attract these fish. Oh, and Kobe Bryant a few years ago.

I care about a lot of that, but not obsessively so. We inky wretches tend to be a little more literary minded than the public out there. The hot buttons quickly become so much SOS to me. We don’t convince each other on those topics. Not much anyway.

You aren’t going to persuade me that building our own Berlin Wall along the southern border will do anything good for this nation or world. My liberal friends aren’t going to get more than some eye rolls out of me with their potshots at George W. Bush. I’ve staked my own cranky middle ground with my friends who I think are off track with their embrace of the Bible or science as the only answers for reality.

And I get bored talking too much about the state of journalism. Or is that depressed?

But these are exciting times, whether we in the Happy Valley hole out and count our days on the mountain or we fly off to Botswana to save some favored corner of the world from itself.

So I’m recommitting to my muse, my sketches, my blog. Lurk if you like. Comment, too ” that’s always fun. But rest assured, maybe refreshingly so. I don’t care a whit whether you read this blog or not.

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