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D.R.: Al Gore for president

Don Rogers

Al Gore at Live Earth on Sunday was everything he was not as the Democrats’ 2000 candidate for president.

Frank, funny, warm. Real. Exactly what’s missing from the incumbent and all the candidates.

The winner of the popular vote in 2000, ultimately losing in direct accordance with the political leanings of the Supreme Court, is exactly what the nation needs right now.

The gravitas attached to the Bush team turned out to be dementia ” ours and theirs. Ours for believing Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld et al still had all their marbles. Theirs, well that’s become all too obvious with letting Junior launch his invasion ultimately on a whim after a prayer, and going in with just about zero planning for the aftermath.

They’ve compounded the mistake by choosing exactly the wrong course at every chance. It’s uncanny, really.

So Gore’s an environmental nut? So the hell what? Looks like he’s also dead-on correct about our little global warming problem.

Bush and the GOP slate aim to protect us from gay couples and the benefits of stem cell research. Between that and Iraq, boy have we made a mistake letting these crazies run things. That and their party in Congress managed to outspend even the Democrats while proving themselves to be every bit as much on the take.

On the Democratic side, we’ve got John Edwards, the rich panderer with the $400 haircuts pretending he’s one of us; Barack Obama channeling JFK without quite the wit; and Hillary Clinton. Say no more. Another damn Clinton? Talk about political animals.

The Republicans have their Kerry in mealy-mouthed Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani still milking a few days after 9/11, and John McCain fading fast as he rides the Bush train. His little walk through Baghdad, with an army around and above him, pretty much says it all.

So why not the one person talking straight?

Gore was the better choice in 2000, even while playing it absurdly stiff and safe. He’s far and away the guy for the job now that he’s saying what’s on his mind.

He can handle the job. He’s still got a keener grasp of foreign affairs than George W. Bush. And he’s got a much better feel for domestic issues as a result of his time out of office. It’s obviously better than the field running now.

No one would get more of the youth vote, either. His work with “Inconvenient Truth” and now Live Earth has pretty much cemented his stature with the kids. By kids, I mean everyone under 30. And I’ll bet he could win the young boomer (me!) and X vote, too.

Now, as a typically moderate Republican voter, I have to admit ulterior motives, too. I very much want the Republican Party as composed today to be humiliated. I want them thrashed so badly they have to wake up and reconfigure their whole party and platform.

Throw the rightwing nuts out. Get the corrupt suckers out. Get the partisan ideologues out. All of them.

Get back to fiscal conservatism and defending personal liberties. Get out of our bedrooms. Quit pretending they are the “religious” ones with “values.” They ain’t. Tack to the middle. Take the middle and save us from the loonies on the far left who are messing up the Democratic Party, though not quite as badly as the GOP these days.

I’m convinced that Gore is a rational choice for president, the best we have. By far.

So let’s draft him.

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