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D.R.: Al Gore lives a lie

Don RogersVail CO, Colorado

Al Gore ought to get an Osacar for best impersonation of someone living green.Even Im greener than that guy, and I still drive an SUV. Its a small one, to be sure, a step down for the mpg from the full size model.But I aint flying all over the country and world, spewing carbon from aircraft, as well as so much hot air about how the rest of us ought to wise up. And I aint maintaining any giant mansions, as Al insists on keeping, and acting like thats OK because I buy credits for someone else to make up for my carbon excesses.Can we say hypocrite? Enough with the offset junk. Theres no such thing. Not really. Either you are shrinking your carbon footprint or you are not. Al, I hate to tell you, has one big, fat carbon footprint that he expects you and I to clean up for him while he waxes all so concerned about the future.Sorry, but thats a crock. This Good Saint Green Gore is a load. Hes like President Clinton giving speeches about morality and the sanctity of marriage.Quit flying so damn much and drive a VW bus on veggie oil instead. Trade in the ol mansion for even something regular-sized. Recycle, if you cant already manage that much. Then give us high and mighty speeches about how we all must sacrifice for tomorrow or the next days generations.Until then, Al Gore is all talk. Actually, he’s worse than that.

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