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D.R.: Al Qaida for Congress

Don Rogers

We raised the question Friday in our new weekly podcast, a sort of journalists’ roundtable: Will the news of the foiled terrorist plot in Great Britain make people vote more Republican in November?

The Democrats among us ” Alex Miller and Matt Zalaznick ” thought not. The Republican, Randy Wyrick, hoped the wake-up call would last but feared not. Rogers, Mr. Mushy Middle, figured this would be forgotten by election day. But if there are more, and closer to November, sure, al Qaida could be great campaign fodder for the GOP.

As badly as the Republicans have managed their time in power, the Democrats provide little reason to believe they can function as grownups, never mind leaders.

I mean, seriously, can they be trusted with Iraq, never mind the overall effort against terror. I’m not sure they understand the difference between people who have been trying to kill us ” whether Republicans OR Dems are in power ” and their rhetoric about civil rights at the far margins.

Liberty does not mean freedom to take liberties. Freedom isn’t really freedom to be reckless with real danger. The American Dream does not really equate with license to do whatever you want.

My Democratic friends really do seem to believe they can talk our foes to death, and that people committed to doing us harm would change their ways if we just were nice enough to them.

I don’t trust the Democrats with this issue because I have the overwhelming sense that they see all this as a game. The sort of police work the Brits and the Pakistani police used to catch these latest terrorists would be denounced as “domestic spying” and “profiling” and other politically incorrect sins with our Dems.

They’d impeach the president as a crook for using such tactics. To me, that means their willing to sacrifice my family for the farther margins of liberty. The Patriot Act, tracking international phone calls, following money trails of terrorist suspects, knowing where they travel ” none of that really impinges on anyone I know. Shaking down Granny and letting someone named Osama board airliners without a second glance is the stuff of burying a head in the sand.

Zalaznick hoped aloud in our podcast that voters would not mistake Democrats’ growing opposition to the war in Iraq as being soft on terrorism. No one is soft on terrorism, he said. The Dems see Iraq as adding to the problem, not helping.

He’s largely right about Iraq. We bungled the occupation so badly it’s damn hard to argue the cause to go in. Although if we’d done it remotely right, we’d have had a great leg up.

But Matt has completely forgotten that his party’s hacks have not stopped at Iraq. Police work is “domestic spying.” The Patriot Act (stupid name, granted) is the end of the world as they know it, even though it’s not. The tools our investigators need are decried as cruel blows against all of our freedoms.

Please. How come NONE of us have felt even inconvenienced, other than perhaps being asked to take our shoes off at the airport?

That’s the Democrats’ problem in the fall. If the masses are reminded that the danger remains ever present, that these terrorists are committed to killing nice Democrats every bit as much as mean old Republicans, they’ll worry a lot less about GOP stupidy with “wedge” issues and a lot more about a certain reckless immaturity that threatens our very lives.

I’m a middle guy ” absolutely disgusted with the Republicans right now. But the Democrats frankly scare me more.

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