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D.R.: An actual Centrist Party?

Don Rogers

Colleague Scott Miller gave me a printout of a press release for a new political party that aims to occupy the “commonsense” center.

It’s probably a hoax. Google comes up with 11 filings, all to obscure papers like my own. The founder supposedly is John P. Reisman, though the press release doesn’t say who he is. If anybody.

The address for the the “Centrist Party” is Big Bear Lake, Calif. Not exactly the center of the universe for politics. Sounds more like yet another kook who got ahold of a bunch of e-mail addresses.

Ah, well. I like the idea. Even if just this side of a hoax. The founder, John P. Reisman, is not explained in the press release or the couple of articles that ran in papers like the Eureka, Calif., Times-Standard. (Hey, no issue with Eureka. I went to school there. Great town, and College of the Redwoods is the coolest community college in America, bar none.)

Here’s the Web site: http://www.uscentrist.org/

The bio of Reisman says he worked “with” the University of the World in educational research. Hmmm, can’t fine a University of the World on the Web. Even the Web site for universityoftheworld.com doesn’t look anything like a real university.

Google finds plenty of references to “university of the world,” which mainly refers to rankings of top schools in the world.

So I’m thinking this is mostly, well, bullshit.

And … still.

A Centrist Party. Now, that would actually be a great idea if it could gather steam. Imagine, a party in which members are not carried away with ideology and seek to take the best ideas from the right and left aisles. They ought to adopt Joe Lieberman right now.

You can imagine the quotes. Blah, blah, blah. Common sense (the dead giveaway this is the work of a kook). Blah, blah, blah.

I like the impulse. I’d vote for a centrist candidate. Wait a minute. That’s who I do vote for. Anyone who seems more middle than left or right.

So good luck, John. Big Bear is a nice lake. Let me know when you get serious and take on Washington, D.C.

I quite understand that Sarcramento is entirely out of the question.

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