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D.R.: Build school right

Don Rogers

If you are going to build a new high school, do it right. Build it whole, not half-….

Some coaches and parents are hoping the school board gets the message with the new Battle Mountain High School, set to replace the horse pasture across the street from Colorado Mountain College.

The design concepts and approach for the school itself are great. But where did these folks come up with the idea to short-sheet the athletic fields?

Where’s the wisdom in a nice new track but no bleachers for fans, or lights? Why should the football, soccer and lacrosse teams of the future have to make even home games away?

Why not do the job right from the start?

I’m not buying that the new school simply must have artificial turf, even if Steamboat and Aspen have them now. That still leaves 99.9 percent of our nation’s high schools served well enough with natural turf.

But no stands for the fans? That’s dumb, frankly. That’s like buying a Hummer and saying you can’t afford tires.

As for the whining about Red Canyon, the alternative high school losing the shack it’s been using for a campus, those folks need to do just a little homework. They will get a new campus built just for them. In the meantime, they’ll be at the college. The school is stepping up by any measure, even as they step aside to make way for the new elementary school being built there.

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