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D.R.: Cacioppo aids recall of child helper

Don Rogers

Recently a longtime Vail Valley resident was taking care of some business in Avon’s Copy Copy shop.

He heard a clerk call out, “Mike Reid!”

Curious, because he had read a little about Reid’s quest to recall Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi, he turned around.

He didn’t know Mike Reid, had never seen him that he knew of, and thought that strange since he had lived here for a long time, got around socially, and knows a lot of people here.

But who is this Mike Reid? he wondered.

He certainly did recognize the fellow who stepped up to the counter to complete Mike Reid’s business. Everyone knows Mike Cacioppo.

Could Mike Reid be a pen name for Mike Cacioppo?

Well, no, I assured the fellow who told me this. Mike Reid can spell.

Cacioppo told me later that he’s helping with the recall effort, and that makes sense. He’s no fan of the target, Commissioner Arn Menconi. His friends are leading the charge. And I imagine this is fun for him.

There’s some steam in the recall rhetoric about county spending on child programs. Even if the facts don’t quite support the satisfying shouts “Take care of your own children” and “No means no,” that’s hard to argue against.

Anytime you have to think through something, you should know you are in trouble.

But for the select readers who make it to this corner, let’s explain this again.

” The county commissioners unanimously deciding to spend $830,000 on an early-childhood-development program this year is not the same thing as asking voters to pass a special property tax that raises $3 million every year for childhood development programs.

” It seemed a that roughly half the critics of the tax suggested strongly that a county with a budget topping $100 million should be able to find more funding for child programs in its regular funds and not have to add a tax.

” That’s what the commissioners ” all of them ” did. They spent less than the cost of Tom’s Pond in Edwards to help expectant moms with newborns and tots. I mean, really, if you want to fret about questionable spending. Actually, I think that was money well spent, too, but you get the drift. A hardline conservative should frown at such waste if true to the ideology. That’s a frill, clearly.

” Does everyone need the support? Of course not. My wife and I didn’t. I’m sure you don’t. But, sorry to say, but a lot of young parents do. This is a practical effort so that the kids our kids play with are healthier and better adjusted. And you know, these kids today will be our community tomorrow. There are worse investments, by the county and up, to worry about than giving at-risk kids a better chance at the cost of less than a thousandth of the county budget.

See? None of that can stand up to a good loud “No means no!” Even if the speaker has no clue what they are talking about.

Of course, if they did succeed in recalling Menconi, that wouldn’t change a thing. The majority of commissioners still would have the program in place. Presumably they’d be shaking in their boots, I guess, and end the program immediately. I don’t know. Seems to me Sara Fisher and Peter Runyon have a little more backbone than that.

Maybe instead of elections every four years, we could run recall drives every year. Make signature gathering a staple at the 4-H shows at the fair. That seemed to go over well this year.

You know, for all the effort to recall a guy headed into his last year in office, these folks could have put the time into actually doing some of the things they accuse Menconi of not caring about ” like helping at the women’s shelter, being a Buddy, doing some volunteer work to ease the taxpayer burden.

Just about anything than what they are doing here, which includes trying to truly squander $37,000 for a special election that could go to some actual good use.

I’d vote for that money going to another preschool teacher myself.

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