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D.R.: Cool revision

Don Rogers

The Wall Street Journal crowed in an editorial yesterday that NASA had thown some cold water on the theory that the world’s only getting hotter.

Or is that better put as an article of faith?

In any case, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies discovered an error in its data that means that 1934 was the hottest year on record for the United States. Not 1998 and not 2006. 1934. Pre-SUVs and jet airliners.

There’s some arguing by scientists that the error is insignificant and banter back by the pundits who observe that the “insignificant” error accounted for a full two-thirds of the total temperature climb reported from now back to 1920. That total, for perspective, comes to a whopping two-tenths of a degree Celsius.

If that bit of data turned out to be in error, how much trust can we put in complicated climate models about global warming? the editorialists ask.

It’s kind of a fun turnabout on the steamroller assertions of the global warming alarmists who have taken to shouting down skeptics with a fair amount of glee.

The Journal even mocks NASA’s top climate scientist, James Hansen, who downplayed the error and accuses critics of just trying to confuse the public rather than ask legitimate questions.

“So let’s get this straight,” the Journal concludes. “Mr. Hansen’s agency makes a mistake in a way that exaggerates the extent of the warning (about global warming), and this is all part of a conspiracy by ‘skeptics’? It’s a wonder there aren’t more of them.”

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