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D.R.: Correction on recall blog

Don Rogers

I forgot while writing a blog entry last week that Tom Stone was still in office when the Eagle County Board of Commissioners put the “nanny” tax on the ballot.

Of course he voted against that, and so Commissioners Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon put the measure up for election.

Democrat Sara Fisher took Stone’s seat in the same election that voters turned down the dedicated tax that would have raised a bit over $3 million annually for early childhood-development programs.

So it wasn’t until this January that the commissioners, all Democracts, voted together to put another controversial measure ” a new home rule charter ” up for election in the spring.

So here’s how the corrected version of that blog entry last week now reads: The commissioners ” with Tom Stone voting against it ” put a measure on the ballot last November that asked voters if they would like a dedicated TAX specifically for childhood-development programs. The voters said no. Many off the opponents suggested the commissioners instead fund such programs out of the county’s general fund.

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