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D.R.: GOP headed for cliff

Don Rogers

The Republican Party is headed the wrong way, between petty corruption among the faithful, George Bush’s stamp and now falling to the wrong side of global warming.

It may be yet that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger saves these fools from the political precipice. The fundamentalist following, though, hasn’t caught on to that bit about stewardship in their apparent race to bring on the Apocalypse in slow motion ” ironically enough, by their own hand in large part. Talk about failing the test. That’s always amazed me about the zealots of the Abrahamic faiths. How does destroying God’s handiwork cause the Father to be well pleased with you on Judgment Day? The most wicked thing you could possibly do is to ruin our planet.

The rank selfishness and bad habits of citizens and the profit motive of companies tied to the fossil fuels is one thing. That’s at least understandable, if something to regret. But people of faith rushing headlong to harm God’s creation further, with the evidence lining up profoundly about what is happening? That’s something else. I’d call it a form of evil.

The folly in Iraq is bad enough. This will prove worse in the long run. The Republican Party has run us in a ditch. And rather than heading back to the path, their hard cores appear determined to dive off the cliff, too.

Rather than taking a Big Tobacco approach to the dangers of smoking, the fundamentalists ought to understand that in the absence of 100 percent certainty, they should take the route of conservativeness and favor the health of the planet over denial of man’s hand in global warming.

That they don’t is telling. These aren’t the good guys in the story. And the political party needs to unhook from their unholy influence, frankly.

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