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D.R.: Here’s your diet

Don Rogers

Losing weight is simple, but not easy.

Complex diets abound. They go in and out of vogue. Eat all you want, just make sure you only eat watermelon. Eat what you like, just measure it out in precise ounces. Eat exactly according to the little card, precise proportion as well as the precise food. And on and on.

Look, this is math. Calories in. Calories out. The difference gets stored around the waistline, or butt, or wherever.

How do you control the calorie flow? Two ways. How much in. How much you burn off.

Diet and exercise.

So, eat a little less and exercise a little more. And stay with it. Exercise instead of eating out, like, say, at lunch. I found that exercise actually eases my hunger, which leads to eating less. Keep it up over time and the weight comes off.

Simple. Not easy. But simple. You can start right now, with what you have in the fridge. Start very easy with the exercise, too.

What worked for me after a dozen years of being fatter than I liked, and never regaining the habit of regular workouts, was telling myself to run today only as far as I would be willing to go out and run tomorrow. Same with weight lifting, stair climbing, bike riding, all of it.

In my case it was jogging. Before that I’d try to run like I was in my early 20s. I’d go for a too-long run at a too-fast pace, and be too sore to move for a week. Then I’d remember the pain of going for that run, and say forget it.

But running a very short distance, and then running it again the next day, and the next ” in time I was running regularly.

Still, the weight hung on. I wasn’t shedding pounds as fast as I had figured. Eventually I realized there was another simple piece to this puzzle. Intake. So I just aimed to eat a little less, and then a little better.

It worked. I eventually came down to the heavy side of my active youth. Pretty good.

Both knees have had ACL reconstruction and cartilage repair over the years. Part of my motivation was to take weight off the body to help the sore knees. Part of it is I want to be as competitive as possible on the basketball court. Hey, whatever works. Of course, part of it ” the main part ” is being healthy in body, mind and spirit. Getting the body more fit helps with the others, too.

Humans need exercise, and probably fitness, for all of it. I believe I’m mentally sharper and more energetic if I exercise and eat right.

Over this past winter my weight rose again. I ate more than I should. I exercised a little less. I went seven to 10 pounds over target.

Geez, when I was young I lost weight when I fell out of shape. It was hard getting it back, but nothing like the patience required for being overweight.

Of course, I’m usually about five pounds heavier than I want to be. Better than the 25-plus over when we moved here. Still. That last five, that remaining bicycle belt around the middle.

There’s always eating better, as well as less, and I try, I try. The next step in this progression might be drinking less, too.

The last five just might be the beer. Not a lot, mind you. I’m at two beers and the occasional three now. So we’ll apply that rule of tomorrow. How little can I drink today that I won’t be making up for tomorrow? We’ll go one to two, then zero to one.

And keep running.

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