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D.R.: Immigration’s a numbers game

Don Rogers

I have friends who bitterly complain about illegal immigrants and want them gone yesterday, build that wall now. Yet they hire them seemingly without conscious thought.

I would be considered sympathetic to their plight, but I would never employ them.

So who is the more conflicted about illegal immigrants?

Our politicians are dumb as George W. Bush in Iraq about this issue. It breaks down to a couple of simple math problems, actually. Solve the math and the “problem” is gone.

Here’s one: Why do the illegals risk life and limb to come here? We give them jobs. That’s 1 + 1.

Here’s another: Why are there so many illegals? You will need more digits than you have on your hand to compute this one. But let’s give it a try. America gives out thousands of work visas, but we have millions and millions of jobs that our own natives have proven they can’t fill.

The solution? It’s not a wall, which would cost billions to build just so our economy can dip by the billions’ worth.

It’s in the numbers. Match the work papers to the jobs we need to fill.

Simple. I’m not talking about paths to citizenship. Just jobs and recognition that we need our workers from south of the border, particularly the low-skill, low-wage ones. Pretty much as America always has needed infusions of immigrants for the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

Enforcement of true illegals ” not in the economic refugee sense ” would become much more doable if there were a sensible number of work papers to match the actual jobs.

And a wall would be unnecessary.

Citizenship should be more difficult, perhaps, to achieve than it is today. I agree with requiring the ability to speak English, not granting citizenship simply because you were born on our soil, and hurdles that cull out people who don’t know and don’t care about American ideals.

The work-to-papers ratio has nothing to do with citizenship. The disparity makes the bleating about “amnesty” not only empty but ridiculous.

America’s best interests, and ideals, frankly, are best served by balancing the work papers with the number of jobs that need doing, including in this valley.

And my friends can be spared any pangs of conscience they may feel from complaining bitterly about “rule of law,” as if God set immigration policy instead of idiot politicians, while they hire the first Hispanic laborers they can find, shutting their eyes firmly against the notion of even asking for their papers. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

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