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D.R.: Ivy League ain’t all that

Don Rogers

Here’s what I tell my kids: Go to A college. Get A degree.

That’s it. Enough with the Ivy League scramble, all that heartburn and panic. For what? There’s a whole nation that wouldn’t notice ” and frankly might be better off ” if the Ivy League colleges all suddenly withered away.

Look, only 28 percent of Americans have graduated from college. Any college. That’s pretty select company.

Plenty of lawyers, doctors, CEOs and people who actually make a difference for humanity somehow manage without having attended Harvard, Yale, Princeton … .

Oh yeah, make that a fair share of presidents, too. The worst president possibly in history attended both Yale AND Harvard. How about that? However history judges George W. Bush, it won’t be as one of the brighter, more scholarly lights to serve in the White House.

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I’ll bet the life savings on my son coming out of Fort Lewis College in Durango better educated and then doing more in life than plenty of your Ivy Leaguers. Oh, they’ll have the pedigree. Good for them.

But it’s performance, not pedigree, that will make the difference in the end.

The quality of your education is not the school. It’s your passion for continuing to learn and be engaged decades after graduation. If you are among the few to actually graduate.

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