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D.R.: Kansas still playing?

Don Rogers

Nice to see my colleague Tamara Miller so excited about her Jayhawks. It’s been awhile since they avoided being upset in the first crummy round of the NCAA championships.

The team most likely to lose to upstarts in the tourney made it to the Sweet 16 against Southern Illinois. Maybe this will be their year.

I hope they get past Southern Illinois and play my Bruins from UCLA. I grew up with UCLA, and grew spoiled with their success under John Wooden. I mean, 10 championships, seven in a row. You do get spoiled.

Reading her blog tonight, I can see she’s not thinking about UCLA. She should. They have the best chance of taking out Kansas. Only this time it wouldn’t be an upset. Those of us from the West Coast know the basketball there is better than Fly Over Country in addition to the views and the conversation.

The Bruins also play rugged defense. Those pretty boys on the Kansas roster can expect a mugging if these two teams meet. Good, clean, mugging. UCLA these days wins the way teams win championships, at least according to the old slogans.

Good luck with the Sulukis, Tamara. For once I’ll be pulling for those chokin’ Jayhawks.

Meantime, UCLA’s coach, Ben Howland, has a date Thursday with best friend and former assistant, Jamie Dixon, now coaching Howland’s last team Pitt. Howland’s own daughter lives in the Dixon household and is a Pitt cheerleader. That should be a whale of a game.

But for personal reasons, I want UCLA and Kansas. Just to torment Tamara, which is great sport all on its own.

The next best game to that one would be a championship between Kansas and North Carolina. I suspect that’s the game Tamara is really looking forward to, since Carolina’s coach had the bad judgment to jilt Kansas for his alma mater, and hasn’t been forgiven since in and around Lawrence.

Ain’t March Madness great?

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