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D.R.: Live, die by the ranking

Don Rogers

Vail Resorts lives for the SKI magazine rankings, and ignores the enviro report card.

Sure, there a plenty of good reasons. SKI just happens to be speaking to Vail Resorts’ preferred customers ” flush with cash, knowledgeable about their sport, looking for fun and comfort as much as thrills. There’s a lot to learn from the annual survey that the company may not glean from other magazine rankings.

Vail Mountain usually places at the very top, too. That has to count for something. I’d like rankings that saw me as No. 1 nearly every year, too.

The enviro report card is a different story. And for good reason, too. These rankings are put together by a few nuts, not even the mainstream of environmentalist organizations. They pretty much fault ski resorts for their very existence, even if objectively speaking, there are a lot of environmental benefits the spring directly from them. The biggest one is that they inspire devotion to the wilds while pretty much reining in visitors into their boundaries. That’s huge all by itself.

But call this a hunch. If the wild enviiro groups ranked VR at the top of their rankings, well, the company would embrace them.

For all the nuances, the top line is the top line. And the bottom the bottom.

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