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D.R.: Lying lawn signs

Don Rogers

“Protect” your rights, vote no on home rule, the lawn signs exhorted last fall. I saw one the other day in Eagle, just in time for the mail-in election on a new home rule charter.

There’s no escaping this: That’s pretty much a lie. That the county core of the GOP is out setting these signs again is pretty cynical.

Thr truth is that the home rule charter we’re voting on now through the mail would provide rights that county citizens do not now have under strict state control of county governance.

Nearly every town in Eagle County has gone to home rule, and they all have seven members on their governing councils. The rules are a bit different between towns and counties, but the liberty from complete state control is the same. Somehow, they’ve survived nicely ” with more rights, not less, for their citizens.

This ugly core of politicos wants to confuse the issues, cast as much doubt as possible, pretty make it up if they have to. At what point do wild exaggerations become lies? These folks are exploring the line.

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That’s too bad. I would expect them to “win” if they stuck to a fair fight. Then they could “win” and keep a shred of honor.

I’m not talking about every opponent of home rule. Or even most. Most of the opponents I discuss this with stick to legitimate reasons for doubting the value of the charter and therefore voting no. I can accept that even if I disagree. That’s what this process is supposed to be about.

But our band of amateur Swift Boaters, taking cues from the George Bush team, has gone quite beyond that.

Loopy interpretations of the charter language, which no lawyer with any expertise backs up, that are intended to cast doubt can also easily be turned around to hail only slightly less loopy promises about improving county politics further. None, however, is remotely in the realm of reality. So why all the fear mongering?

Well, the lawn signs in a way tell all. Just win baby. Never mind what’s best for the county. These folks have a race to win. Even though they have an easy lead that I can tell, they want to cheat anyway.

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