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D.R.: March Madness peaks

Don Rogers

Tamara got awfully quiet after her beloved Kansas Jayhawks fell to UCLA in the NCAA tourney. Great game, if you are a UCLA fan.

Actually, I think Kansas has the better team. Some shots didn’t fall for them. Some prayers at the last second of the shot clock went down for UCLA, with Kansas players draped all over them.

So it goes.

Tamara, are you still following the tourney? For a lot of us, it doesn’t start until the Final Four. Ohio State, Florida, Georgetown, UCLA. All today. That’s a solid field, if lacking underdog excitement this year.

Florida is the national champ with a chance for the first repeat in forever, since UCLA pulled off seven in a row maybe.

UCLA is UCLA, but not the smooth, glam team of yore. This one is all hard work. For coach Ben Howland, you play defense first or you sit. Offense is an afterthought. If they win, it’s literally because they stole the game.

Florida is that dominant team I respect but would rather see lose at this point. San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees. Enough of them already. But they are right there for a basketball championship to bracket their football championship.

Ohio State and Georgetown provide the old-school showdown between big men. This is 7-2 Roy Hibbert taking on 7-footer Gerg Oden, the freshman billed as the next big thing after Tim Duncan, now star of the Spurs.

It’s also Georgetown returning to the Final Four after a quarter of century since they were last here, when a coach named John Thompson had a player named Patrick Ewing.

Wait a minute. Today’s team has a coach named John Thompson and a player named Patrick Ewing, too. These are the sons of the originals. That’s enough for me to root for them to face UCLA in a few days.

Of course, if you are going by stats, rankings and favored teams, the final will look just like the football championship game: Ohio State vs. Florida.

Kansas might just be the best team of all of them. Great, speedy offense AND great defense. But in a sudden-death playoff format, it’s generally better to be lucky than good.

Sorry Tamara.

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