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D.R.: Matter of time?

Don Rogers

Maybe violence has a useful side for humanity. It may simply be that such horror acts as a natural cap on population explosions.

More people in one place tend to raise the chances of catastrophe, whether caused by germs or criminals or warriors.

Maybe this Islamic specter and its horrible possibilities could be calculated mathematically.

Is there a threshold where it becomes inevitable that some heinous act cuts the population back to a “sustainable” or at least more manageable level for Mother Nature?

Or will that be the work of pandemic? Or weather stirred up by climatic change. Or some Timothy McVeigh, twisted as any cruel Islamist, being more successful than Oklahoma City. Or Osama’s last laugh?

Or perhaps, virulent bacteria evolving beyond the reach of antibiotics or strange viruses that mutate ” evolve ” from other animals like birds or chimps or who knows what into deadly human disease.

What are the odds when the population of the world keeps doubling?

With the accompanying chance of more nutcases coming along with the general population gains, more nukes out there, more of the underbelly of mankind, will that trump our own evolution into generally better people?

And so, if, when the human population plummets, well, might that actually be a good thing in the grand scheme of things?

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