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D.R.: Past the recall

Don Rogers

Watching the Web site’s “most viewed” list, it’s clear that the Arn Menconi recall bid has not attracted much attention.

Maybe we’ll revisit this if the organizers manage to find 4,300-plus registered voters foolish enough to want to spend $37,000 on a special election that would aim to deny the county commissioner his last of eight years in office.

I don’t sense a lot of interest in this, though. A couple of junkies, the organizers themselves. That’s about it. No great stream of letters, as promised. Not even many Web commenters beyond the usual, same ol’, same ol’ rantings of zuzu, rfabro, hm123 and maybe a couple of others I’m not remembering at the moment.

In a word: Boring.

That’s not to say the populace is universally overjoyed with Menconi’s service. His “hate factor” does rank with Hilary and locally, Tom Stone in his prime. I don’t see him (or Stone) winning a majority of Eagle County’s vote if they chose to run for state office in 2008.

Rightly or wrongly, I believe that people see politician first in each of these folks. That’s not to say they all haven’t done some great things. But there’s this sense of who comes first about them that frankly turns a lot of people off.

There’s Arn blogging about comparisons between him and Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus, martyrs all; Tom trashing anyone who disagrees with him while holding his hand over his heart with his sincere concern for everyone; Hilary, well, she’s who she is, too, mostly an exceptional opportunist who has a great chance at the presidency.

Here’s the weird part: I enjoy them all, even like them. Why? I think because they are out there, flaws and all, trying to make a positive difference even if a bit too full of themselves for my tastes.

Hilary is on a whole different stage. She’s been a much better senator, frankly, than first lady. With the political cripples running for the presidency, she’d be at least as good a commander in chief as any of them and better than the one in the seat now.

Tom’s gone, reduced to sniping from the sidelines. That will probably ease with time and I expect he’ll eventually find productive causes to pursue. It will be better for his health, too.

Arn, though, in all probability has one more year to serve Eagle County as commissioner. My advice to him is quit being so desperately in search of a legacy. Just do your job, to the best of your ability of course. Let the chips fall from there.

Enough with chasing the mark, any mark, that would have a statue of you erected outside the County Building. Quit acting like you are someone more special than the rest of us. Even if you really were, it turns people off like a light switch. Just knock it off.

Stay strong with your positions on issues, just find ways not to make them about you. Focus on the kids and the people really working with them. Green is fine. The emphasis on affordable housing is good. Even in Eagle County, the Democrats are still in these days. Even if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are busy trying to screw that up nationally.

Don’t worry about image or PR ” the best pub comes when you aren’t grasping for it or otherwise trying to manipulate it. It leads to regrettable incidents like buying a bunch of Priuses all at once primarily for the splash rather than a more sensible commitment to replacing the county fleet as vehicles wear out.

Don’t whine about critics being “negative.” Don’t bother with them at all. Quit comparing your situation to anyone in history. Truly focus on others. Accept no credit ” deflect it, always. There are plenty of deserving folks out of the spotlight who would appreciate that.

Accept you’re a regular person taking on a pedestrian, if essential, role as a county commissioner.

Ironically, that’s your best shot at higher office someday.

If I really were Arn’s campaign manager, that would be my advice. Then again, I ain’t exactly Karl Rove. Just another constituent.

Don Rogers is responsible for the editorial oversight of the Vail Daily, Eagle Valley Enterprise and Vail Trail. He can be reached at 748-2920, or editor@vaildaily.com. Read his blog at http://www.vaildaily.com/section/BLOG

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