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D.R.: Pelosi plays the fool

Don Rogers

Nancy Pelosi, wearing her scarf signifying Western submission to a medieval culture, made her fool’s errand to Syria. Stunts like these keep me from turning to the Democrats despite everything those arrogant, currupt and frankly stupid Republicans have come up with this century so far.

The Dems today are goofs, nuts, wingnuts to the core. I wish ” oh, I wish ” they could show genuine leadership, mature thinking, anything to give me more confidence in them.

Nope, there’s the speaker of the House playing the diplomat in direct opposition to U.S. foreign policy, such as it is. She couldn’t even get Israel’s stance with Syria straight, along with undoing official efforts to show Syria that their thuggery will get them nowhere ” except with U.S. Democrats who can’t help but meddle like the amateurs they are.

Congress does not dictate foreign policy and diplomacy. The White House does that ” whether Republican or Democrat.

Pelosi only made the world a little more dangerous with whatever she thought she was doing.

Rather than meddling in the White House’s clearly established role and harming American interests, the Dems need to focus on getting one of their own elected president.

Last I looked, that wasn’t loopy Nancy Pelosi. She’s busy chasing me the other way.

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