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D.R.: Recall group rebuttal

Don Rogers

Looks like I touched a nerve with Sunday’s blog entry, “D.R.: Stupid is as stupid does.” The main Menconi recall organizer certainly was inspired, as you will see below.

I’m not going to reply to his various explanations and bits of innuendo, which all have easy answers. I will suggest that if he actually read the original piece to which he refers, he would be embarrassed since it doesn’t call any person stupid, just the group’s actions.

And, small point, let me mention that blog entries are Web-only features. Always have been. Always will be. Sometimes a blog entry can serve as the foundation for a column or editorial that does appear in print, but that’s rare.

Anyway, on to the letter submission, which will not run in print until next week. We run one letter from one author in a week spanning Monday to Sunday. The author knows this from previous submissions, and his way of alluding to this is very telling in his letter, which we will edit for basic spelling, punctuation and grammar as needed for the print edition, as we always do. Here, though, is the original pasted into this blog entry:

Dear Editor,

Arn Menconi’s self-appointed campaign manager, Daily editor Don Rogers, is now supposedly back-tracking, saying that recall supporters, who are simply exercising their First Amendment right to petition our government, are no longer stupid. Rogers now says we’re not stupid, only the recall is stupid.

Rogers also says the timing of the recall is stupid. I guess we shoul have checked with him to see when he thought it would be okay to petition our government. Rogers blames us if we miss a November 6th normally scheduled election. Of course, he never asked us about the details of how all this came about – or the mass confusion in the Secretary of State’s office – or the conflicting laws on recall elections versus coordinated elections – or the incorrect time line given to the committee. Why should Rogers ask these questions, when he doesn’t want to be confused with the facts?

Rogers says that organizers of the recall should have put more reasons on to the petition, that state law requires to be limited to 200 words maximum. Only a wordsmith like Mr. Rogers could have done that.

We were given 27 reasons to recall Menconi. Divide 27 into 200, and get 7.41 words per reason. Obviously, this is impossible to do, without being given extra words to explain better. Maybe we should have hired Mr. Rogers to do it? And, who needs 27 reasons to recall Mr. Menconi. For most people, only 1 or 2 reasons would do. As one of our supporters e-mailed us said, “I want to recall him for the simple reason that I just don’t like him”! Yes, our recall laws allow for even that reason.

Now he calls us insincere, questions our “concern for the community and taxpayers’ interests”, questions our honesty, and questions our honor. Oh yes, he now says we are “clever”. Wow, in a week we went from stupid to clever. Are you sure, Don?

These are more personal attacks, from a guy who rarely goes to county meetings, and rarely allows his county beat reporter of the month, to spend much time at county meetings. Rogers admits that he sits in an ivory tower in his “window on the world”.

Rogers conveniently failed to report that Mr. Menconi demanded that the county property, that now seats the Women’s Resource Center, go out to bid, so Menconi’s non-profit Snowboard group, which Menconi’s family profits from, could bid against the battered women’s shelter. Rogers just likes to say that Menconi’s group’s bid was a half-hour late, and Menconi recused himself – as if this makes a difference.

If anything, it means that after Menconi made a fool of himself by selfishly demanding the property go to bid, that Menconi and/or his designee, was then dumb enough to submit the bid a half-hour late. Mr. Rogers seems to think being late makes it all okay?

Maybe Rogers isn’t aware Menconi demanded it go out to bid. But then, obviously Rogers isn’t aware many of the facts of about the other reasons we cited for Menconi’s recall.

Simply put, Rogers doesn’t know much, except what Mr. Menconi tells him. Rogers could have learned what we know, years ago, had he chosen to bring himself, or require his staff, to do a little basic, investigative reporting. Rogers could begin by asking other people, besides Menconi, who attended county meetings, as to what they remember. But, he won’t now, as he didn’t then.

By the way, the minutes of that meeting allegedly seem to be missing. How convenient!

Mr. Menconi is Rogers’ boy. Rogers’ boss sits on Menconi’s board. Cozy little relationship, isn’t it? Friendship kinda gets in the way of reporting the facts.

We don’t take Rogers insults personally. We just feel sorry for Mr. Rogers. After all, he’s so invested in saving Menconi, that he continually acts as though he’s Menconi’s campaign manager.

We think moderate on-line blogger, NeoLibCon by rfabro, said it best when he blogged, “Whoa, slow down there Don, you’re taking this way too personally as an editor. Newspapers should not play politics, only present differing opinions from people in politics.”

We doubt Rogers will run this rebuttal letter at all, let alone in a timely manner. Maybe Mr. Rogers will require us to have a minimum number of words to respond to his latest attack. Maybe we should have him write our rebuttal, so it pleases him!

Rogers latest insults went online Sunday, July 29th, to be printed on Monday, July 30th. We’ll probably go to Denver and print our own newspaper, for distribution in Eagle County, if Rogers continues to not run all of our rebuttals. But, I wonder how we’ll be able to afford that, since we’ve allegedly only collected about $200 in donations, again, according to Mr. Rogers.

Mike Reid, Chairman,

Committee to Recall Arn Menconi


Ps- please do not edit without our permission, if you do decide to do the fair thing and allow us rebuttal space.

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