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D.R.: Save world from us

Don Rogers

It seems the world’s biggest environmental problem is humans.

Well, make that the earth’s entire environmental problem.

People are the great infection threatening all life. Between our pollution and our population explosion, we’re proving too much for Mother Nature. Throw in our wars and oh boy, what a mess.

The meek who save and inherit the earth no doubt will be microscopic. Then those scars eventually will heal over, balance restored. The world can get healthy again, fish and forests returning and thriving. Now there’s utopia for all but us.

Journalist Alan Weisman has a book contemplating all this, “The World Without Us.” Newsweek and Time devote a little space to his vision in their July 23 editions.

No doubt the groundwork is laid for another set of radical nuts bent on destroying humanity. The wildest Islamists might yet have competition from extremist environmentalists who see their only hope in killing off mankind.

Hey, at least they would not be as hypocritical as the latte greenies, who solve the problem of their estates and globe trotting by buying “carbon credits” so someone else can plant trees somewhere to make up for their sins. I suppose it’s never occurred to Al Gore and the rest of that ilk to move into smaller, more environmentally friendly quarters AND keep buying those credits, too. Oh, and maybe catch a few less flights.

These enviro ultra-extremists would be straight up, all right, aiming for the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. Move over, Osama.

No, I don’t seriously see such a movement. It would be great, though, to see just a little ascetic impulse in America. The message from Al is we can buy our way out of this. Or he can. Let you and me make the actual sacrifices. I don’t exactly see Beaver Creek and Aspen’s denizens suddenly forsaking their lifestyles for yurts and bicycles, and Sheryl Crow rationing of tissue.

We nibble at this concept a little, in a few of our conversations. But if we drop the SUVs, it will because of the price of gas and not out of trying to tread easier on the earth.

We’re not likely to rein ourselves in ” a cynical view, I know. We’re breeding and polluting and fighting too much and too fast for enough maturity to catch up in time. Our cleverness is wasted on getting rich. Which inevitably leads to bigger homes, bigger cars, more flights and a whole chain of calamity occurring over a wink in geologic time.

We know better now as a species. Yet all that’s happening is our destructive impulse is picking up steam and spreading. China. India. The Third World. They all want to be just as greedy and indulgent as America.

Oh yeah, eventually the meek shall inherit the earth. And likely sooner rather than later, speaking epochably.

And it will be a better place.

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