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D.R.: Sign of ski town apocalypse

Among the signs of that hell has frozen over for a ski community, a scary portend, is evidence that a significant part of the population doesn’t ski or snowboard.

One of our recent polls asked how many days residents had on the slopes this season. Some had 100-plus, and most of us had a lot less. But those entries didn’t catch my eye. It was the zero that stuck out.

Zero? How do you live in an expensive place like this and not ski or snowboard? That’s like going to the beach and staying inside. Hitting a bar and not drinking. Visiting the library and not browsing the books.

What’s the point?

Actually, it’s a sign of a relatively normal community springing up around the resorts. People age but stay in town. Some folks find other things to do, or sadly, can’t make the time or afford the lift tickets. Those are choices, though, that in the past simply were not taken. If you have ski fever, you can go without food or a roof over your head before you can’t get on the hill.

But flip the figure around and it’s comforting to know that over three-quarters of us still understand the ski vibe first-hand, and that’s a good thing too. That’s what makes the Vail Valley special. Might as well live in Nebraska if you aren’t going to take advantage of the reason for living here.

What are you thinking anyway?

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