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D.R.: Some moral compass

Don Rogers

So, Newt Gingrich for president? We have a suggestion for his running mate: Ted Haggard.

Both have God’s forgiveness, after all. At least no less experts than Jerry Falwell say so.

Gingrich now admits screwing around on his wife while busy with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, for screwing around on his wife. Or, rather, being evasive about screwing around on his wife. These vital matters of state and all.

At least Bob Livingston, R-La., was stand-up enough to admit his infidelity and quit as House speaker while the Clinton business was to be carried out. After all, he was fooling around on his wife.

He was just a little more honest about it when such knowledge mattered.

But Haggerty is not gay, even if he makes love with ahem, a man. And Gingrich is a great moral American, of presidential timber, mind you, for years after the fact admitting he was hunting a political enemy for doing the same crap he was doing.

As I recall, Gingrich didn’t sound particularly understanding of Clinton. A bit sanctimonious would be much closer to the mark.

But hey, Falwell forgives and that’s great. A sign of how low the holy right has slipped lies in the good reverend’s invitation to Gingrich to speak to the graduating class of Holy Roller U., Liberty University, as a great moral leader telling the next leaders … exactly what?

It’s OK?

Now, being a Democrat. That would be unforgiveable.

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